Sunward’s comprehensive range of Mini, Small, Medium and Large excavators from 1-90 tonnes offer reliable and efficient performance in agricultural and construction applications.

Sunward large excavators are designed to endure rough conditions and boast reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and comfort. This machine has a proven hydraulic system, a strong rotation mechanism, and a powerful traction system.

With a user-friendly machine monitoring system which has a wide viewing angle, high definition and featuring all-round visibility, this machine can be used to carry out heavy- duty tasks in construction and mining! By virtue of their superior performance, reliability and quality, these large excavators are worthy of the title “Powerful equipment”!

1 ton

From £49 Per Week *

1 ton

From £58 Per Week *

1.5 ton

From £65 Per Week *

1.8 ton

From £73 Per Week *

2 ton

From £81 Per Week *

2.5 ton (Zero tail swing)

From £105 Per Week *

2.5 ton (with tail swing)

From £105 Per Week *

4 ton

From £135 Per Week *

6 ton

From £182 Per Week *

9 ton

From £232 Per Week *

16 ton


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